The Carpenter has one main focus; the efficient execution of the task at hand with the capacity to judge the right tolerance for the job.  While it is important that they see the “big picture” we rely on the Carpenter to take direction from the Lead Carpenter or Project Manager. They must be able to assume responsibility for a task, get it started, and see it through to completion.

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Project Manager

The Project Manager is the pilot of each project they run and is empowered to own each project fully.  While extensive construction experience is essential, the Project Manager will succeed based on their resourcefulness, management skills, and ability to delegate and get things done.

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The Estimator builds each of our projects on paper before they get built in the field.  Working closely with our vendors, subcontractors, and the project architect, the Estimator will compile proposals from all relevant trades and suppliers and estimate our in-house labor to ensure a complete specification that can be handed off to our Production team.

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How We Work

We trust one another.
We engage in unfiltered discussion.
We commit to decisions and plans of action.
We hold one another accountable for delivering against those plans.
We focus on the achievement of collective results.