Getting a Proposal

We have architectural drawings and are looking to get proposals from a few builders. What are the next steps?

We set up a meeting (typically an hour or an hour and a half) with you and/or your architect to get introduced to the scope of work and pick up a set of plans which need to have, where applicable, window and door specifications, an electrical plan, details about finishes, and any engineered drawings. Within a few days we return with sub-contractors (if it’s a remodeling project) to answer their questions about the project (we just need access to the house) and they, in turn, get their proposals back to us which we then incorporate into our estimate. The process usually takes 2-3 weeks depending on the size and scope of the project.

Defining a Budget

We’re thinking about a project but don’t have drawings yet. Do we need an architect? Can you help us get a handle on a realistic budget?

The short answer is probably and yes. Nearly all the projects we’ve done have had architects, and with good reason. Not only does a good architect provide answers to design challenges, but he or she also provides the information and documentation required to get a building permit. The architect’s plans and specifications are also the basis for our estimate. If you don’t have an architect we can recommend one. As far as budget goes, we have a fairly extensive list of past projects to draw upon to help provide a realistic budget.

Types of Projects

We have seen your sign in front of a number of historical projects, is that all you do?

While we have received three Preservation Awards from the Historical Society of Princeton, we are by no means just a preservation firm. We have worked on projects spanning four centuries of Princeton Architecture and our portfolio includes Greek Revival, Colonial Revival, Mid-Century Modern, barn conversions and most everything in between.

Size of Projects

Do you work on smaller projects?

Almost all of our projects are architect designed additions, renovations, or new homes. A typical smaller job would be kitchen remodel with a breakfast room addition.