Before Construction

Wherever you are in the development of the project, we’re ready to be a resource to you and your architect to help find the right materials, iron out construction details, or explore options. We’re not architects, but we’re good partners in the design intent and we’ve got a stable of subcontractors and vendors behind us to find answers.

Budget matters, period.

Our financial process is what we would want a contractor to have if we were in your shoes.  We are transparent and openly discuss our underlying costs.  We believe that this level of transparency leads to better choices, lower costs, and a more collaborative partnership with you and your architect.

During Construction

During construction we keep things on track with a dedicated Project Manager, weekly meetings, tight financial controls, and our golden rule of never starting additional work without written approval.

We start our projects with a realistic schedule and check in weekly.  We update the schedule with additional work or delays.

Getting it done 100% (not the dreaded 95%) is often a homeowner fear.  We finalize the project with a homeowner walk through and we don’t leave until the punch list is complete.