Lake Drive

Princeton, NJ

A contoured site on Lake Carnegie provided Richardson Smith Architects with the inspiration for this extraordinary light filled new home in which large expanses of stainless-steel framed glass offer more than great views. Combined with concrete, metal, and tile finishes that run from interior to exterior, they blur the distinction between inside and outside and offer a vantage point from which to see the home in the landscape. It’s the home that’s not about the house. It’s the home you see from the house. A tight thermal envelope, all LED lighting, radiant heat, efficient mechanicals, and a roof mounted solar array make this a quiet and comfortable home as well.

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Responsiveness, Resourcefulness, Transparency

"Although this was our first experience in building a home from scratch, my wife and I were not new to major construction and renovation projects in other homes and properties. Our endorsement of Pinneo Construction comes without hesitation. I summarize why in three points:
Responsiveness. This applies to all aspects of our project, including the front end (every aspect of the work and applied technology were explained to me in terms I could understand) and, critically, in the back end: They ensured, and delivered, a quality product. Without exception, any inquiry, problem, question, repair, concern was addressed to our satisfaction. Each and every time. No excuses, no hand-waving exercises. Ever.
Resourcefulness. Ours is a highly customized home, with significant engineering challenges, which drew upon all sorts of varied and novel construction processes. Successful execution demanded a willingness to extend and expand upon existing knowledge. Every member of the team rose to the challenge, and the result was a top-quality product. Transparency. This is a key feature of Pinneo’s value proposition, and one should not under-estimate the remarkable impact it had upon stress reduction. It is perhaps even more important to consider how the trust it engenders translated into an important economic consideration: a high level of trust facilitates and accelerates decision- making, thus constraining costs. It mitigates attendant anxiety. It obviates “noise”, allowing the principals to focus more intently upon the critical items in the process of execution. It enhances collaborative engagement amongst the architect, builder, and owner for a truly successful end-product.
Pinneo Construction displayed remarkable integrity in every aspect of their trade. They were a sincere pleasure to work with."