"Pinneo Construction is one of those very few builders who truly view themselves as members of a project team. They have the skills and foresight to contribute to the project in the design phase, as partners in the process of evaluating, then meeting and often exceeding the objectives of each individual owner. It is a rare privilege to work with a builder who sees the design process as a dialogue in a way that makes our job as architect just that much easier."

— T. Jeffery Clarke, AIA, Princeton, NJ

We believe that our task as architects is to think and act thoughtfully and sensitively toward our built environment. We believe our responsibility to our clients is to give them the very best in design services and team up with builders who can help us deliver the very best project possible. We like working with Pinneo Construction because they share our interests and goals and have developed a working process that tracks our projects from early in design right through the final punch list. Best of all their process of evaluating project costs, value engineering and construction management is completely open and transparent. This allows us, and our clients, to see where their money is being spent and make informed decisions that best support the projects overall goals and budget. It is also wonderful to work with a builder who is genuinely committed to sustainable design and green building practices. For Pinneo Construction, “Building Green” is not just a saying or marketing strategy. Through our work with them we know they are knowledgeable about how buildings work, how we can reduce the environmental impact of building them, and how they can be made more energy efficient to maintain.

— Terry Smith

Over the years of working with Pinneo Construction, we have come to appreciate their dedication to craft, attention to detail and care for the success of the project. That is why, when we had an opportunity to hire a contractor to build our own office, Pinneo Construction was the only firm we talked to. Tom, Chris and the staff respect the design and work hard to enhance and execute it. We see them as our go-to partners for many of our projects.

— Richard Carroll, McAuliffe + Carroll Architects

It was a good choice talking with Tom Pinneo. He is great and every member of his crew is outstanding. We did a pretty hefty search for builders and no one came close. More important, they managed the project incredibly well and were very honest throughout. You’ll be very happy working with them and I couldn’t recommend them more.

—Greg Hughes

"In a world where working with one's contractor is often akin to a bad movie (and often in the horror category), Tom Pinneo, Eric Hintz and the whole Pinneo construction team all deserve academy awards. Tom and Eric worked as our partners throughout our home renovation process, problem solved when the inevitable complications arose, and completed the project on time and on budget. Their team's craftsmanship and level of professionalism are extraordinary. To this day, four years since construction was completed, they are still a responsive and dependable resource offering to help whenever needed. We can't recommend them more highly."

— Jen and Tim Kingston

Winston Churchill said. "We shape our buildings, and afterwards our buildings shape us." Part of the love we have for and get from our home was built-in by the craft, invention, and care of every member of the Pinneo Construction family.

— Henry & Mary Reath

"Our kitchen renovation project represented our first experience in home remodeling – and, as such, it loomed as a daunting task. Our friends and family always had some horror story to share about contractors not finishing jobs, projects going over budget, etc. Our experience with Tom Pinneo and Pinneo Construction could not have been more opposite of our initial fears and concerns in proceeding. Tom worked with us extensively at the outset to ensure that his bid reflected the actual work that needed to be performed. In addition, he introduced us to sub-contractors and suppliers that were nothing short of top notch. The job was extremely well organized and executed flawlessly. Whenever potential problems surfaced, Tom always had a solution. One of our favorite aspects of working with Tom was our weekly meeting at which Tom would review upcoming activities and decisions which were on the horizon. Our project finished on-time and on-budget. We were obviously very pleased with the results and recommended Tom and Pinneo Construction to a number of friends. In short, Tom is an excellent choice regardless of the size of your project – his dedication and commitment to a high quality work product are second to none."

— Amie Thornton and Craig Carnaroli, Princeton, NJ

“Basically, I always recommend Pinneo Construction because (a) Tom is a perfectionist; (b) the folks he hires and trusts are too; (c) they're true craftsmen and artists; (d) they treat your home with care, they don't leave garbage behind, they don't trash the place; (e) they're totally trustworthy; and (f) the quality of the work is flat-out superb. Oh, and usually Tom's ideas are better than mine; he's the kind of person who does not require explicit instructions because he understands the general idea of where you're trying to go with something and can anticipate how to implement (and thus make executive decisions) without needing minute instructions every five minutes.

Did I mention that the quality of the work and the attention to detail are superb?"

— Trishka Waterbury, Ringoes, NJ

We have built a house from scratch and have gone through many renovations in our other homes, so we have had a range of experiences with other contractors. Working with pinneo construction was by far our best experience. The building issues were well thought through. We didn't have any surprises. Tom and team were always available, thoughtful and completely transparent in their process. There never was a point in our project were I felt that i don't understand the implications of any changes we might have requested. Tom and team always emphasized quality in the build process and for that we are very thankful. I would gladly recommend Pinneo for any residential job.

— Van Riley

"Thanks so much to you and your team for doing an outstanding job on our project. The Pinneo carpenters, project manager, and the sub-contractors were all remarkably talented, professional, thorough, and kind. The project management and communication was exceptional, from the weekly meetings with our project manager (love the charts), to his responsiveness the infinite number of times I called him in between the weekly meetings. He even saved us more than $1,000 by suggesting an alternative laundry room counter. We also greatly appreciate that the team bent over backwards to accommodate our unique circumstances -- my son’s asthma requiring particular care with fumes/VOCs/dust, and my children (5-year old and twin 3-year olds) requiring the job site to be spotless and the team to be kid-friendly. In fact, when my son’s teacher asked him what he was thankful for he replied, ‘the builders’. My husband and I agree! "

— Liz Gray Erickson and Jon Erickson, Princeton, NJ

“The one thing that stands out more than the quality of the overall work performed is the professional management of our project and most importantly the honest management of expectations. Tom Pinneo is a class act and this quality can be seen throughout his entire organization. Our project lasted a total of eight weeks and finished on time ( just prior to the arrival of our second child) and was executed to perfection. Pinneo Construction is comprised of high quality, trustworthy and competent people who did everything in their power to ensure the project was a success. We certainly came to appreciate the time line that was laid out for us, the mandatory weekly meetings, and the way in which outside vendors were managed. It was incredible to witness the respect that these outside vendors displayed for Tom and their willingness to be on time and work according to the overall plan. The bottom line is that our project began on time, finished on time, remained within our budget and turned out beautiful. It was a true team effort. No surprises. No excuses!! We look forward to working with Tom and his team in the future. Please feel free to contact us with any specific questions or concerns."

— John & Kristin Ryan, Princeton, NJ
To our friends at Pinneo Construction: The next time you have a prospective client who needs reassurance that they are making the right choice in working with Pinneo Construction, give them my phone number and have them call me. I will be happy to make the time – anytime ‐ to talk about the wonderful experience that Jeff and I had with you. You had your work cut out for you: one of the owners being an architect with extremely high standards, and the other a financial professional with an obsessive focus on the bottom line. You managed to not only satisfy us both, but also earn our respect, trust ‐ and even admiration – for the manner in which you consistently delivered on all of your commitments.

You had your work cut out for you not only with clients who were going to hold you to a very high standard of accountability, but also with a project that required a high degree of technical skill. How do you turn a 1,600 square foot functionally‐obsolete, Depression Era Dutch Colonial with challenging existing conditions and construction drawings requiring a high degree of accuracy and coordination, into a 5,600 square foot dream home? The answer: with Tom, Eric, Austin, Gary, Seth, Tony, Rick and Dave at Pinneo Construction. And how do you accomplish all of that on budget? The answer: with the addition of Chris Myers. Not only was the Pinneo team first rate across the board, but also the sub‐contractors you were able to bring to the job were highly skilled, conscientious, and all‐around nice people to work with. We particularly appreciate the participation of Charley Downs, Bob Domanski, Bill Bauer, Rich Petty, Sergio Moschitti, Mill Roofing and Marvin Lott Flooring.

Finally, you encouraged and welcomed open communication throughout the project, which deepened our respect and trust for all the members of your team. A million thanks for job well done. We consider ourselves very lucky to have had the opportunity to collaborate with you on the redesign, renovation and expansion of our home, and would do it again in a heartbeat.

— Barbara Clarke Princeton, NJ
It is hard to imagine that MONTHS have gone by since our whirlwind of a renovation. All this time I have been meaning to thank you. It’s still hard for me to believe that we “backed into” a full kitchen and first floor renovation (minus the powder room)—but you helped us make it a smooth process, and that made a huge difference. It was a bigger project than we had anticipated, but everything worked out well and in record time. And this makes us doubly happy that Pinneo Construction was willing to take on a “small project,” because we could not have managed to carry on as effectively and efficiently as we did had we not had your support. I hope Tom recognized that you perhaps now have the record for a first floor renovation (and if you don’t have it, you were certainly close).

— Dora C. Y. Ching
“Coming from a long family line of architects – I am not one – the mantra is, “It’s always the Contractor’s fault!” But NO complaints here! Tom and the whole Pinneo crew could not have been more professional and FRIENDLY… Who wants a grump in your house for months?! Scott S who managed the Project was a real pro --- any problem, he was right on it; handling it with quiet, unflappable efficiency. Best of all, he coordinated all the various crews, and subs from roofers, and chimney people to tree men and landscape architects. So I didn’t have to deal with it! We were away a good bit during the construction so the peace of mind that came from the trustworthiness of all Pinneo employees meant that we could actually ‘take a real vacation’.”

— Lily Leonard, Skillman, NJ
That Pinneo Construction lives up to their word to do great work, on time, on budget and with minimal hassle is rare enough. But Tom, Scott and all their people go beyond what is expected to give you extraordinary service, creativity and collegiality. On our project they worked as full partners with our architects to provide extra value at every step of the process. And when the main job was finished, Pinneo didn’t walk away- they continued to work with us to get every final detail finished. We highly recommend them.”

— Barbara and Bradley Lawrence, Princeton
Tom did a great job on a kitchen renovation for us when Pinneo was a budding company, well over a decade ago. When it came time for a major renovation to our house, we called on Tom again, but given the magnitude of this project, we felt it necessary to carry out due diligence by putting the project out to bid. Happily, the Pinneo bid was highly competitive.

From the planning phase through construction the Pinneo team worked closely with our architect and with us. They were integral in clarifying our priorities, developing a design that would meet our needs functionally, as well as aesthetically, all while staying within the framework of our budget. The project was long and comprehensive -- certainly not without some bumps in the road -- but Pinneo made it as painless as possible, going above and beyond what was expected. Scott, Gary and Dave (our team) are great guys. It was a pleasure to have them around the house, and certainly, the finished product would not have been as exceptional without them.

— Lisa Levine

Pinneo Construction recently completed a large addition to our home. From beginning to end, the workers have been exemplary, and the workmanship is beyond compare. Their entire organization seeks to present an end product that any one of them would be proud to have personally.

The initial meetings and contract were thoroughly presented, and they left no room for ambiguity; everything was explained and understood. For our project, there was a weekly meeting with our project manager to discuss what had been done, what was coming up, and what decisions we had to address in the near future. Every subcontractor was pleasant, professional, and very talented.

We are extremely pleased with our project and this company and would not hesitate to recommend Pinneo Construction for any type of work.

— Margaret E. Stengel (Mrs. Robert F. Stengel) Princeton, NJ

I seldom write delayed letters of appreciation to builders or contractors, but, although four years have passed since you and your capable crew undertook to construct an artist studio over our garage and finish part of our basement, we have recently had numerous visitors to our home comment on the beautiful job that 'we' did on 'our' new construction.

Since so many years have passed and Marsha's studio and our basement remain the highlight of our 'house tour', I wanted you to know how much we delight in your work and Marsha and I recall, with great pleasure, how smooth and responsive your project supervisor and each member of your crew were in getting the work done with as little disturbance to us as possible, under the circumstances of a major expansion project. The attention and concern of your workers to our needs and to keeping our surroundings as functional as possible was very much appreciated.

We have no plans for any construction work in the near future but should we have the need of a building contractor you would be at the top of our list. Please stay well and successful so that you might be available should we have need of your expertise, skills and wonderful team.

— Charles L. Rojer, M.D.

"How overjoyed we are at the work that you guys did for our dining room at Chambers Walk. From Tom's fabulous ideas all the way through the process, to Eric's incredible craftsmanship....we are so pleased!! It's hard enough to design a space with your own preferences, but when doing it for the general public, a lot more care is needed and your company came through without fail. Although we love every detail, it's amazing how our customers comment (oh, boy, do they comment) on every aspect!! We could not have had a better experience."

— Mario and Laura Mangone, Chambers Walk Café, Lawrenceville, NJ