Common Interests

Not many people come away from a home renovation project raving about their contractor so much they actually start working for them…but that’s what Karin did! Through the process of renovating/adding on to her Hopewell home last year we all realized we had a ton of common interests, an inherent mutual respect, and that we just worked really well together.

Karin is a native Princetonian, has a deep knowledge of the local real estate market, has fully renovated four of her own homes (all to ultimately sell, until now) and is a well-known local commercial and documentary-family photographer to boot. We call her our “Swiss Army Knife” because she offers so many marketing and business tools that relate to the Construction business. We are glad to have her, even if part-time (have no fear, photography clients – she’s still here for you.)


Please welcome Karin (@karinbelgrave) to our Marketing team!