Growing up, I was consistently the help for my dad’s wild hair ideas – taking out walls, soldering copper pipes in the crawl space and mud room additions to our cabin in the mountains. As a kid raised in the Rockies, I loved being outside and had a knack for problem-solving, whether the task was climbing a peak or teaching a skill.

After years spent as an outdoor educator, guide and enthusiast I naturally transitioned into building. I got to stay outside in the elements and I got to learn something new. One summer building a cedar-sided carriage house at 10,000 feet had me hooked. I lived in Durham, North Carolina, where I worked with Acanthus Construction, specializing in custom millwork, craftsman-quality renovations and ornate Queen Anne revitalizations. Working on old houses allowed me to think on my toes, be creative and absorb a wealth of knowledge around me.  After Durham, I  found myself in Princeton and was struck by the incredible homes in town. It wasn’t long before I discovered Pinneo Construction and got in touch with Tom. I was thrilled to hear that they wanted to have me aboard.

I feel right at home with Pinneo Construction. The emphasis on quality and organization is what shapes the spaces we work so hard to build for our customers. As a carpenter, I thoroughly enjoy communicating with homeowners to bring the drawings to life. I am fascinated by every stage of building – from forest to finish – and the way precise and functional spaces take form. Inspired to move toward a more resilient future, I constantly look for ways to build responsibly, learning from the past to craft long-term solutions.

Meet Pinneo Construction!
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